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Багери UNEX

UNEX excavators

Our primary business is segment of electric excavators in the categories 45 and 110 tons. Which means series EH and E, those excavators exceling at extremely low operating costs, simplicity, durability and reliability. Beside these models, we still provide traditional diesel-hydraulic excavators in the 30 and 45 ton classes - the DH line. However, these two concepts of drive can be connected, because we can replace diesel engine with electric motor.

Spare parts for UNEX excavators

We provide a complete range of spare parts for all types of diesel-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic UNEX excavators and UNEX electric rope shovels. We maintain large stock of all spare parts for maximum customer satisfaction. As the exclusive license holder for the manufacture of Unex excavators, we have all original models and preparations for the production of original Unex spare parts, exactly as originally designed. We provide spare parts for these types of excavators:

Electric rope shovels: E-25, E-301, E-302, E-303
Electro-hydraulic excavators: EH 621, EH 631, EH 931
Diesel-hydraulic excavators 30 ton: DH 411, DH 421, DH 431, DH 441, DH 101, DH 102, DH 103
Diesel-hydraulic excavators 45 ton: DH 611, DH 621, DH 631, DH 641
Diesel-hydraulic other: DH 12, DH 20, DH 28, DH 40, DH 921, DH 931, SR 15, SM 15, SF 15
Rope shovels: D 141, RY 151 (D 102), RY 150, RY 100 (D 101), RY 1, D 051, D 061, D 062, D 063, Mb 2, Mc

UNEX Gears

UNEX Gears